Social Media for Business

Services offered to business by MES:

  • Identify social media objectives; creating community awareness, attract customers, build brand recognition and identity.

  • Review of existing social media assets; what have you got now and how are you using them? Are you making the best of what you have?

  • Create an effective social media network; are there platforms that you may not be aware of that you really ought to be using? Are your social media sites effectively interconnected?

  • Identify effective audiences; who do you want to talk to and why do you want to talk to them? Quality of audience is more important that quantity!

  • Easy creation of images for social media; how to optimise images to attract more attention.

  • Easy creation of blogs for social media; how to create engaging written without the fuss.

  • Easy creation of podcasts for social media; sound-only productions are a great way to engage your audience and they are easy to make!

  • Easy creation of videos for social media; No need to be scared! High-quality video is now cheap and easy to produce and a perfect way to engage your audience.

  • Maintaining a social media network; how to maintain a high-quality feed and what to do about negative commentary.

  • On-going social media review; we’ll look over your shoulder and help you make the most of your social media messages.

Making Social Media work for your business!

Is your business’s social media working for you? Do you have a clear set of objectives for your business’s online presence or have you just set up a Facebook page and Twitter account for your business in the hope that they will do some good? Do you shy away from social media because of the fear of adverse commentary about your business?


So many business Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and Instagram feeds clearly understand that this online presence is essential to a modern business but there is little thought paid to what social media can actually do for a business or how to go about reaching those objectives.


MES has cut its teeth teaching researchers how to communicate their research via social media. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in how to set up effective networks of social media sites, how to quickly and easily populate them with great content and, perhaps most importantly, how to build audiences that are of real value to site owners.


Now MES is offering this wealth of knowledge to businesses. We will work closely with you to determine what you want out of social media. We can show you how to structure your social media network to reach those objectives. We can show you how to create great content with a minimum of fuss. We can identify the audience of most value to you and show you how to go about getting that audience. And we can review your social media activity on an ongoing basis helping to maximise its effectiveness. 


Every MES client is offered a bespoke experience because no two clients are the same or require the same assistance. We will work with you to identify what you want to do and show you how to go about achieving it. 

MES is a mentoring service: we show you how to do all this so that you can continue to do this into the future. These are all easy lessons to learn and a valuable skillset to have within your business. 


So what have you got to lose? Don’t keep wasting your time and effort posting to the ether when you could be using social media to build and strengthen your business’s outreach. MES can show you how! Get in touch with us today!


Video Making Service

We can make web videos for you specifically designed to distribution on your social media networks. Unless, you are willing to pay for travel, this service is only offered to businesses in the Adelaide area.

For more information go to our video making page.