Frequently Asked Questions

What is Media Engagement?

Engagement is the transfer of knowledge from researchers to a variety of audiences. Media Engagement is knowledge transferred using media. With the rise of online opportunities, particularly social media, media engagement is becoming increasingly important. Not only can researchers more readily engage in media engagement through social media, they can also more accurately control the stories.

Media Engagement now empowers researchers to tell their own stories about their research the way that they want those stories to be told. 

Modern media engagement allows researchers to engage several different audiences simultaneously. These are conversations that need to be had with the general public, industry, business, politicians and other research colleagues.

Is it difficult to do Media Engagement?

The good news is it’s not as difficult as you might think. If you already run a Twitter account or have a Facebook page, you’re already on the path to media engagement. If you already spend outreach time talking about your research on chat sites or blogging about your research, you’re already doing media engagement.

Media Engagement Services can do two things for you. We can show you how to coordinate your outreach efforts to work most effectively through social media.

Media Engagement Services also offers easy-to-learn and easy-to-use tools especially designed for researchers to more effectively tell their own stories through social media, images, written work, audio productions and video.

Is Media Engagement expensive?

Doing media engagement is cheaper than you might think. You probably already have most of the equipment you need to make great online content.

Media Engagement Services specialises in developing techniques for making all formats of online content (blogs, podcasts and videos etc) using little more than your smart phone.

Why Should I Bother?

Outreach to colleagues, industry, business, politicians and the general public is an essential part of all modern research programs. Outreach activity forms a key part for the assessment of funding of research.

In the olden days (just a few years ago!) researchers could turn to the traditional media to tell their stories. But most of the science journalists and reporters have been sacked and opportunities to appear in newspapers, on radio or TV are more limited than ever.


All the interesting conversations about research are now happening in social media so that's where researchers should be talking about their research.

If you don't get out there and talk about your research, no one else will.

And the best person in the world to talk about your research is you! No one knows your research as intimately as you.

But I’m a busy researcher!

Yes, and never before in the history of academia have so many pressures outside of actually conducting research been bought to bear on the humble researcher.


That’s why we have developed no-fuss, easy to learn techniques that allow you to harness the power of media engagement. If you are going to do any outreach, including media engagement, it must not get in the way of your core job of conducting research.


Our techniques have been developed with this prime directive at our core.