Live events

MC Closing Ceremony, Asian Physics Olympiad, Adelaide, 12th May 2019

MC Opening Ceremony, Asian Physics Olympiad, Adelaide, 6th May 2019

Panel Discussion host, An Army of Perfect Soldiers; possibilities for CRISPR technology, World Science Festival Brisbane, 24th March 2019

Panel Discussion host, Science and The Law, World Science Festival Brisbane, 23rd March 2019

Panel Discussion host, Antarctica; the Canary in the coal mine, World Science Festival Brisbane, 22nd March 2019

Panel Discussion host, Brain Food Breakfast: Bad Science, World Science Festival Brisbane, 22nd March 2019

Panel Discussion host, Our Jewelled Seas; saving the Great Barrier Reef, World Science Festival Brisbane, 21st March 2019

Panel Discussion host, Brain Food Breakfast: Ethics in Research, World Science Festival Brisbane, 21st March 2019

Panel Discussion host, Ancient DNA; How genetics can reveal the secrets of evolution, World Science Festival Brisbane, 24th March 2018

Panel Discussion host, The Longest Walk; Winning the Human Race, World Science Festival Brisbane, 23rd March 2018

Host, Science Meets Parliament SA, 26th September 2017

MC, Ocean Essence, South Australian Museum, 20th September 2017

Guest Speaker, NMRA Dinner, Hope Valley, 16th September 2017

3MT Judge, Graduate Research Week, U Tasmania, 8th September 2017

Panel Discussion, Graduate Research Week, U Tasmania, 8th September 2017

Keynote Speaker, Graduate Research Week, U Tasmania, 7th September 2017

MC, Plenary Sessions, RZSNSW Annual Forum 2nd September 2017

Keynote Speaker, Engagement Australia Conference Dinner, July 2017

MC EISS, Deakin University, July 2017

Numerous MC, Host and Presenter events at The Science Exchange May 2011 - July 2017

MC South Australian Science Excellence Awards 2016

MC RZSNSW Annual Forum 2016

MC South Australian Science Excellence Awards 2015

MC South Australian Science Excellence Awards 2014

MC South Australian Science Excellence Awards 2013

MC South Australian Science Excellence Awards 2012

MC South Australian Science Excellence Awards 2011

MC for the Australian Skeptics Amazing Meeting 26th-28th/11/2010

MC: Sustainable Populations, UNSW, 4/11/2010

Judge, Three Minute Thesis, UNSW, 8/9/2010

Introducing Chris Smith, 3/9/2010

Launching Ultimo Science Festival, 3/9/2010

Discussion; The Messy Universe, Brisbane Writers Festival 15/9/2010

Discussion; Would You Like Some Nanotech With That? Canberra Festival, 21/8/2010

Presenter: Would you like some Nanotech with that? 23/08/10

Hypothetical: Food in 2050, Dieticians Association of Australia, 28/5/2010

Presenter: Centenary of UQ, 17/5/2010

Presenter: Cosmology at The Basement, 17/5/2010

Presenter: Media Skills for Scientists, Australian Academy of Science, 6/5/2010

Presenter: Big Night Of Science, Ultimo Science Festival, 21/8/2009

MC: Youth ANZAAS, 10/7/2009

Presenter: Sydney Writers Festival 24/5/2009

Presenter: Science in the Pub Canberra 31/5/2009

Presenter: Winton Dinosaurs, 28/3/2009

MC and Presenter: Landcare Awards, 27/10/2008

Presenter: Ultimo Big Night of Science, 22/8/2008

Presenter: Canberra Science Festival, 17/8/2008

Presenter: National Science Week, 26/8/2008

Exhibition Launch: Macleay Museum, 28/4/2008

Presenter: Royal Easter Show, 10/4/2007

Presenter: Sydney Writers Festival, 2/6/2007

Presenter: IMAX Dinosaurs, 3/6/2007

Panelist: Science Careers, UTS, 14/6/2007

Presenter: Future of Genetics, Aust. Mus., 27/6/2007

MC: Green Homes, ACF, 25/10/2007

MC: Australian Conservation Foundation, 25/10/2006

MC: Rio Tinto Big Science Competition, 24/11/2006

MC: Rio Tinto Big Science Competition, 1/12/2006

MC: Plenary Sessions, UQ, 2/9/2006

Presenter: Science In The Pub, Canberra, 13/8/2006

Presenter: Margaret Wertheim, 17/8/2006

Presenter: ABC Science Day, 19/8/2006

Presenter: Café Scientific, 20/8/2006

Presenter: Sydney Writers Festival, 5/6/2006

Presenter: The Science and Philosophy of Resilience, 27/05/06

Presenter: Science at the Movies, Broome, 28/11/2005

Presenter: Science of Siblings, 21/08/2005

Presenter: Einstein and the Big Bang, 25/5/2005

Presenter: Are creative brains are born or made?, Perth,  20/02/2005

Presenter: Science Lounge at Woodford Festival, 27-31/12/2004 (Several events)

Presenter: Are writers' brains different?, Brisbane, 03/10/2004

Presenter: Are you conscious now?, 20/08/2004

Presenter: The Science of Drugs – A Users' Guide, Canberra, 15/08/2004

Presenter: The Internet: saved your life or utterly ruined it?, Dunedin (N.Z.), 9/07/2004

Presenter: From Chips to Cyborgs, Dunedin (N.Z.), 8/07/2004

Presenter: Power to the People, Dunedin (N.Z.), 4/07/2004

Presenter: Could your genes predict your future?, Rockhampton, 28/6/2004

Presenter: Why do we walk on two legs?, 20/5/2004

Presenter: What's the Big Idea?, 11/5/2004

Presenter: Greenies versus the scientists, the battle for the environment?, Brisbane, 5/10/2003

Presenter: The pros and cons of genetics, Albury, 27/8/2003

Presenter: Science of Secrecy: lessons from the Enigma code, Canberra, 20/8/2003

Presenter: Ferals in the Pub, Canberra, 17/08/2003

Presenter: Man, Beast or Zombie?, Melbourne, 25/05/2003

Presenter: Top Ideas from the Top End, Darwin, 7/5/2003  

Presenter: Does it really matter if big bits fall into the sea and melt? Hobart, 20/6/2002

Presenter: Pub science at the PCYC, Bundaberg, 14/6/2002

Presenter: Life, the Universe and Everything!, Newcastle, 19/3/2002

Presenter: Do We Really Want to Resurrect the Thylacine, the Dodo and Elvis?, 26/02/2003

Presenter: This wont hurt a bit! What price for immunisation?, Brisbane, 10/5/2001

Presenter: Science in the Pub Plays Games, Canberra, 29/4/2001

Presenter: God and Science, Canowindra, 19/4/2001

Presenter: Can we understand the mind and consciousness? 14/3/2001

Presenter: Celestial considerations: stardust, sunspots and solar storms Parkes, 20/2/2001

Presenter: Genetically Modified Organisms, 11/1/2001

Presenter: Maths for Christmas, 20/12/2000

Presenter: Information for Atomic Masses, 24/10/2000

Presenter: Aussie culture for our overseas visitors, 11/9/2000

Presenter: New Millenium Medicine: Alternative or Genetic?, 30/8/2000

Presenter: Cheats or Champs - the use of drugs in sport, 28/6/2000

Presenter: Water use in the Murray-Darling, Bourke, 11/5/2000

Presenter: Greenhouse warming is a lot of hot air, Longreach, 8/5/2000

Presenter: Land use issues, Birdsville, 6/5/2000

Presenter: Life the Universe and Everything!, Silverton, Friday 5/5/2000

Presenter: Life OFF Earth, Melbourne, 3/5/2000

Presenter: Science in the Pub goes Forensic!, Canberra, 30/4/2000

Presenter: What's the use of Maths?! 26/4/2000

Presenter: Are we loving the wilderness to death?, Hobart, 7/4/2000

Presenter: The Next Species?, 23/2/2000The Age of the Universe, 24/11/1999

Presenter: Aussie animals as pets: out with puss and in with poss? 18/11/1999

Presenter: Whither Antarctica: Science and Tourism - are they compatible? 27/10/1999

Presenter: Scales of injustice: a feral fish fallacy?, Albury, 19/10/1999

Presenter: The Quantum team, 29/10/1999

Presenter: Atomic angst and the way ahead, 25/8/1999

Presenter: Australia - lost in space? 28/7/1999

Presenter: Greenhouse warming is a lot of hot air, Melbourne, 8/7/1999

Presenter: Waiter! There's a Gene in my Soup!, 30/6/1999

Presenter: Science and Fraud 26/5/1999

Presenter: Emerging diseases, are we ready?, Melbourne, 8/5/1999

Presenter: Hitchhikers' Guide to the Pub - an evening with Douglas Adams, Newcastle, 6/5/1999

Presenter: Trekkies or Test Tubes: what turns kids on to Science?, 5/5/1999

Presenter: Science and Politics, Canberra, 2/5/1999

Presenter: Can we live to 150 years?, Brisbane, 28/4/1999

Presenter: Popularise or Perish: communicating CRC research, Melbourne, 22/4/1999

Presenter: Views of the Universe: Astronomy and Culture, 31/3/1999

Presenter: Gut Feelings on Water Quality', 24/2/1999

Presenter: Dead fish spark life in rural town?, Canowindra, 6/2/1999

Presenter: Biotechnology- friend or foe?, Brisbane, 8/12/1998

Presenter: Science in Art - Art in Science, 25/11/1998

Presenter: Animal Rights and Wrongs, 28/10/1998

Presenter: Rocks - Why on Earth should we care?, 30/9/1998

Presenter: Immigration and Science: please explain!, Brisbane, 2/9/1998

Presenter: The Science of Boozology, 26/8/1998

Presenter: The Future Drinkers, 24/8/1998

Presenter: Feeling for the Future: information technology and computer science, 29/7/1998

Presenter: Genetics: a reality check, Gold Coast, 7/7/1998

Presenter: Science and the Media: Friend or Foe?, 24/6/1998

Presenter: Frogs are dying - who cares?, 7/5/1998

Presenter: Road Blocks in the Path of Cancer Research, 6/5/1998

Presenter: Dark Matter: the stuff that holds the Universe together, 4/5/1998

Presenter: God and the Big Bang, 25/3/1998

Presenter: Bones of Contention - interpreting Australia's past, 25/2/1998


Lectures and presentations

Reg Sprigg Memorial Lecture (inaugural): 25/3/2008

Phillip Crosbie-Morrison Lecture 19/5/2008

Australian Museum Dinosaur Symposium: 16/5/2008

Australian Institute of Biology: 11/3/2008


Talks to school and university groups

Newcastle University, 10/12/2010

University of Western Sydney, 2/12/2010

University of Sydney, 16/9/2010

Blakehurst High School, 17/6/2010

Scotch College, 26/10/2008

Barker College, 23/9/2008

Barker College, 22/8/2008

University of Tasmania, 18/8/2008

Australian Skeptics, 8/4/2008

Barker College, 2/3/2008

Graduation Address, UNSW, 30/3/2007

St Pauls College, U Syd, 21/5/2007