Our manuals are behind everything we do! The Master Manual contains everything that we present in our seminars, workshops and video tutorials and a lot more. We also produce sub manuals covering the content of each workshop. All manuals use extensive links to more content across the internet to explore subjects in the greatest possible depth. There are multiple exercises set up throughout each manual giving a step-by-step guide to reinforce the material as presented. All the manuals are constantly updated and expanded with new content to keep them contemporary and expand their utility.

Every participant in our workshops automatically receives the relevant manuals and they are available here for separate sale. 

All manuals are written in an easy to read, simple to follow format and are available as both iBook or PDF formats.

The Master Manual contains all of the material presented in both our workshops and a lot more! It is the complete compendium for DIY Communication of research. All you need to know to take your research to the world!

  • What is media engagement?

  • How to build an online network

  • Digital Photography

  • Blogging

  • Podcasting

  • Video production

Master Manual
Engagement and Social Media for Researchers
  • An introduction to Media Engagement

  • What is a social media network?

  • How to build your own social media network

  • In introduction to social media platforms

  • Telling your stories across your social media network

What is media engagement and why should researchers be interested in doing it? That is the central question explored in this manual where go on to describe what a social media network looks like and how you can set up your own social media network specifically to tell the stories of your research.

All you need to know to create brilliant and engaging online content simply and easily with a minimum of equipment. Supporting our second workshop, this manual covers creating images, blogging, podcasting and video production and explains techniques that will be most useful to researchers.

  • Image creation using your phone's camera

  • Easy blogging for researchers

  • Podcasting

  • Video production on smart phones

Creating Online Content for Researchers

The supporting materials are in depth and highly detailed. I highly recommend this, whether you are a social media star or nervous about even trying

Edward Morgan, Research Fellow with the Cities Research Institute & Griffith Climate Change Response Program