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My career in research only lasted a few years before pressures of my day-job as a science reporter for the ABC took over. Now, with my change in circumstance, I’m able to re-enter the research sphere through my Adjunct Associate Professor position in the School of Palaeontology at Flinders University.

But I really need to walk-the-walk if I’m going to talk-the-talk. I intend to use my research activities as a demonstration to other researchers how they can communicate their research on an on-going basis.

Previously I have published on fossil crocodiles as well as other vertebrate fossils. I’m restarting my research career with an investigation into the taphonomy and palaeopathology of a plesiosaur and an investigation into a very weird fossil I collected in the early 1990s that challenged and befuddled all of my colleagues back then. 

The Mystery Specimens

Fieldwork in search of a 100 million year old mystery I originally found in 1991

The Plesiosaur Project

Plesiosaur 1 where I start the research process into a fossil I found some years ago

Plesiosaur 2 photographing the specimen and finding some extra data

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Plesiosaur 3 Scanning the specimen in 3D

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