Skype a palaeontologist

Any class in any school in any country can now have a real palaeontologist in their classroom via Skype to talk to students and answer their questions about fossils, dinosaurs and other creatures from the past.

Paul Willis is not only a palaeontologist who has worked extensively on crocodiles, dinosaurs and marine reptiles, he is a leading science communicator with deep experience in talking the science of fossils to primary school students across Australia.

In a half-hour Skype booking, Paul will talk about fossils and dinosaurs recalling his own experiences as a fossil collector since childhood and he will happily field any questions from the students. He will also show some choice fossils from his own private collection.

Bookings are only $3 per student, minimum 20 students, for a 50 minute engagement.


“That is super awesome!!!! The students had a great time, and because it's not something they have access to here, it made the experience even more meaningful.  We will definitely be checking out your page to book you annually for our Dinosaur theme and anything else that would be relevant.”

Nicole Lightbourn

Summit Academy

Nassau, Bahamas

"Students were really interested to hear from an experienced palaeontologist who has travelled around the world to study various records of past life. Paul spoke clearly about how the fossil evidence points to evolution and took questions from sceptical students. Thank you  Paul for your expertise knowledge!"

Jill Zhu

Heritage Christian School

Port Macquarie  NSW

“Paul was encouraging of the students' curiosity, sharing childhood stories of finding fossils, and captivating us all with his enthusiasm. His passion for palaeontology and science was obvious as he engaged with the students in a question and answer session..”

Michelle Clausen

Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School

Tamworth, NSW

"Thank you so much for your wonderful Skype session today.  Your engaging presentation generated some really interesting questions from our students. Your clear answers enabled the students to understand some of the wonders of the field of Palaeontology.  They will certainly remember it for a long time."  

Mrs A Manson


Western Sydney

"He was engaging, knowledgeable, interesting and able to meet the diverse needs of the students because of his intriguing stories that were truly educational. He brought our geology unit and their assessment task to life. I highly recommend him for any age group and thank him for answering my own questions that were additional to the talks! Great value for money and very easy to access with video conferencing. Will definitely utilise again. "

Jenny Stephens

Kildare Catholic College

Wagga Wagga