New Video Kit

In this video I review the combination of the iPhoneX and the DJI Mobile 2. When used together this becomes one piece of equipment that replaces a whole suite of other equipment and makes your video productions easier with superior results.

The DJI Mobile 2 can be used with other phones including androids.

Take a look!

Product Review: iPhone X and OSMO DJI Mobile 2
Neanderthal in Me.png
A Simple Documentary

Neanderthal In Me is a simple documentary I made for Australia's Science Channel. It is a great example of a simple documentary that any researcher can make. It was shot entirely on an iPhone6 with a little extra equipment. Even the graphics were created simply - let me show you how!

We can cover this level of video production in our workshop Creating Online Content for Researchers.

Neanderthal In Me: A simple Documentary
BMNH Postcard.png
A Simple Vodcast

Postcard from the British Museum of Natural History is an example of a simple vodcast that I made for Australia's Science Channel. All shot and edited on an iPhone6 then sent back to Adelaide for broadcast.

This kind of vodcast is easy to make and provides great content for your social media feed as well as helping to chronicle the story of your research.

This is all covered in our seminar Easy Vodcasting for Researchers and can be covered in more detail in our workshop Creating Online Content for Researchers.

British Museum of Natural History: A simple vodcast
D train 1.png
D Train 2.png
Setting your camera to capture the action

A little demonstration of how setting your camera is important to capturing the action. 

In the first video the white balance and exposure/aperture were fixed while in the second the were left on automatic.


Notice the difference in the detail of the locomotive as it passes the camera and the flaring in the back ground once the train passes.

Which one is correct? That depends on what you want to capture! But you do need to think about this particularly where you want to video an object moving between different lighting conditions.