Video Tutorials

MES has produced one video tutorial, Social Media Networks.

Production of further video tutorials has been suspended pending demand. 


Video tutorials present the material covered in the seminars and workshops.


The video tutorial can be purchased individually and all will be offered as a complete package when they have been produced.

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorial 1: Social Media for Researchers

Video Tutorials awaiting production

Video Tutorial 2: Digital Photography

Video Tutorial 3: Blogging

Video Tutorial 4: Podcasting

Video Tutorial 5: Introductory Video

Video Tutorial 6: Advanced Video

Promo video for Video Tutorial 1

Anyone can purchase our video tutorials. The video tutorial Social Media for Researchers is currently available and others will be made available for purchase once they have been produced. 

Social Media for Researchers

Video Tutorials for Individuals

Video tutorials are available for institutions as packages designed to meet the particular needs of each client institution. These packages are perfect for distribution to large numbers of post-graduate and post-doctoral students.

Prices for access to video tutorials to be negotiated dependant on the number of individuals required.

Video Tutorials for Institutions