Media Engagement Services teaches how to engage the world with your research through two 3-hour workshops. We can also create workshops to suit your budgets and concentrate on specific skill sets. These workshops can be presented as stand-alone presentations or as a day of workshops specifIcally tailored to your needs. 


All workshop attendees will receive the relevant manuals in advance of the workshop. Workshops can be scheduled to take place at your institution at a timing of your choosing.

Workshop attendees can also take advantage of our on-going outreach and engagement coaching service and are eligible for subscription to our monthly newsletter.

The basis for engagement is a network of social media sites and other online platforms that you control and populate with your own material. In this workshop we look at how to build your network, how to populate it with great material, a minimum of effort and how to connect your network into the broader online environment to let your stories spread far and wide.

  • How to build an online network of social media and other online assets that tell your story.

  • The ongoing art of telling your story or how to populate your network with great content and hook it up to the rest of the world.

  • Introduction to blogging: basic blogging techniques

  • Introduction to podcasting: basic podcasting techniques

  • Introduction to video: basic video techniques

Workshop 1: Social Media for Researchers

Once you have a social media network, you will need to fill it with great content. MES have mastered simple techniques to create images, blogs, podcasts and videos that require little or no extra equipment beyond a mobile phone! Extensive exercises reinforce the teachings of this workshop

  • How to create stunning images on your phone.

  • Blogging made easy.

  • Podcasting for researchers.

  • Video production and editing on your phone

Workshop 2: Creating Online Content for Researchers

We can create bespoke workshops to meet your budgets and delve into our extensive library of content to concentrate on particular skillsets. We can cover anything from setting up a social media network through to all aspects of creating content for social media. We will work with you to come up with a specialist workshop covering the skills you wish to teach your researchers.


Extensive exercises will reinforce the teachings of these workshops. 

We can cover:

  • Social Media Networks

  • Creating stunning images on your phone.

  • Blogging made easy.

  • Podcasting for researchers.

  • Video production and editing on your phone

Bespoke workshops to meet your needs


Individual workshops require a minimum of 8 attendees and a maximum of 20. A separate expenses account to cover travel and accommodation of the presenter may need to be negotiated depending on where the client wishes the workshops to be conducted.

Packages of workshops and other MES offerings can be negotiated including delivery of seminars and video tutorials. For more details, see our packages page.


Paul drew on his substantial broadcast experience, but has clearly thought a lot about social media and the best ways to use it. He made it fun and practical - sending us off to do photographic assignments. His strategic and practical advice encouraged me to get more engaged, and be more focused on how I use social media to support my academic career

Edward Morgan, Research Fellow with the Cities Research Institute & Griffith Climate Change Response Program